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Welcome to Daniel the Fox's website

This is the page for MS-DOS programs and nice stuff from the personal website. Also, there is public FTP and private SSH. You should download some files we have at the server.

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Check also my new horrible drawings, Warm Silicon. Computers are more than just some magic silicon drawing power and raising your power bill!

Extra information

The FTP server is at, the files are shared among the English and Spanish versions of this website. The files you upload will appear in the FTP directory, use anonymous mode for upload and download. The files are public, don't upload stuff that shouldn't be uploaded. You have been warned


If you feel willing to donate your money and never see it back (and hopefully helping me), send some fractions of bitcoin to this address: 1F4GYU7mLdNH3eggrTvQvF1WpG4fUoFr99

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Closing the eyelids (VID_ELD_CTL0 = 0, where 255 = fully open, normal value would be 210 or so) disables video processing from the cameras (the eyes). In any case, disabling the video intentionally (VID_GCTL0, bit 0, 1 = ENABLED) also closes the eyelids immediately. Reading from VRAM while video is disabled returns 0x00 bytes and 0x01 distance in XY+Z mode, and 0x00 bytes on both pages in 2XY mode.

VID_GCTL0, bit 1 contains the video meemory mode bit, 0 = XY+Z, 1 = 2XY. In XY+Z mode, VRAM Page 0x00 onwards contains plain 2D video information, and Page 0x80 onwards contains the Z information, non-linear distance readings. 0xFF distance means "infinite", 0x01 means "right in your eyes", 0x00 just means "undetermined distance". 10 cm. returns 0x15 or something close, 50 cm. returns 0x30, the clouds usually return 0xFF, as does the entire sky. In 2XY mode, page 0x00 onwards return plain information from the left eye, 0x80 onwards returns plain 2D information from the right eye. This lets software process the data and determine distance on its own.